Tahoe Donner Real Estate Sales Information – June

Today, June 1, 2011 there are 96 homes available or for sale in Tahoe Donner. Furthermore, 90 of the homes offered for sale are standard sales, 4 of the available properties are offered as short sales and 2 REO’s, (Bank owned properties). Also, 30 single family homes are currently in escrow or pending sale. There is another 11 short sales pending bank approval. Moreover, pending sales range in price from $289,000 to $1,460,000.

Some perspective to Tahoe Donner market conditions: Tahoe Donner had a total of 222 homes close escrow in 2010, basically a parity to 2009 were 225 homes close escrow, compared to 2008 in which only 193 sales were consummated. Moreover, year to date 67 homes have close escrow compared to the same period last year were 75 home sales were consummated. The number of homes sold in Tahoe Donner year to date is approximately 10% below the same period last year. However, I believe this epic winter impeded sales on a short term basis.

Home site sales continue to disappoint; with 49 home sites available, currently only 1 home site is in escrow or pending sale. Also, 21 home sites closed escrow in 2010 compared to 12 home sites which closed escrow in 2009. Currently, the pricing for available home sites run from a low of $59,000 to a high of $525,000. Of interest; 6 lots have closed escrow year to date at prices not seen since the late 90’s. Moreover, during the same period last year, the year to date sales amounted to 11. Because there were only six sales, here’s the pricing; $55,000, $55,900, $65,000, $70,000, $70,000 and $127,000.

Sales Statistics
for NEVADA County CA
Realist’s most recent recording date for this county is 05/25/2011

Single Family Residence
Time Period        Number of Sales       Median Sale Price
Apr 2011              115                               $225,000
Apr 2010                97                               $288,000
Mar 2011             131                               $239,000
Mar 2010             120                               $317,500
2011 YTD            528                               $250,000
2010                  1,346                              $295,000
Time Period        Number of Sales        Median Sale Price
Apr 2011               5                                   $206,000
Apr 2010             11                                   $315,000
Mar 2011            11                                   $345,000
Mar 2010               8                                  $296,250
2011 YTD            27                                  $329,000
2010                   105                                 $307,500

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“Everything should be Android-ified,” says Andy Rubin, head of Android. “We should just take it to new levels. It’s no longer something that people will go to the store to buy and then bring to their home or bring to their office. It’s something that will actually bridge those things.”