Tahoe Donner Real Estate Sales Information – September

Today September 5, 2012; there are 108 homes available or for sale in Tahoe Donner, down from 113 as last reported.

Furthermore, 103 of the homes offered for sale are standard sales, 4 of the available properties are offered as short sales and 1 REO’s, (Bank owned properties). Also, 31 single family homes are currently in escrow or pending sale. Moreover, there are another 11 short sales pending bank approval. Pending sales range in price from $299,900 to $789,000. Did you know, in Tahoe Donner, on average 65% of all home sales consummate after June 30th?

Some perspective on Tahoe Donner market conditions: Tahoe Donner had a total of 212 homes close escrow in 2011, compared to 2010 were 223 sales consummated, 2009 saw 225 homes close escrow, compared to 2008 in which only 193 sales were consummated. Year to date 171 single family homes have closed escrow in Tahoe Donner, compared to the same period last year were 130 homes traded hands; that’s a 31% increase in sales year to day, yea!

Home site sales see slight improvement; with 56 home sites currently available, only 4 home sites are in escrow or pending sale currently. Also, 16 home sites closed escrow in 2011 compared to 21 sales in 2010 and12 home sites which closed escrow in 2009. Currently, the pricing for available home sites run from a low of $54,900 to a high of $499,900. Of interest; pricing on the lots which did close escrow in 2011 were at prices not seen since the late 90’s. Year to date 21 home sites have closed escrow compared to the same period last year were only 11 sales consummated.

Sales Statistics
for NEVADA County CA

Realist’s most recent recording date for this county is 08/21/2012
Single Family Residence
Time Period        Number of Sales        Median Sale Price
Jul 2012              169                                 $269,000
Jul 2011              132                                 $247,250
Jun 2012             168                                 $280,000
Jun 2011             146                                 $250,000
2012 YTD         1,162                                 $249,750
2011                  1,594                                 $250,000
Time Period        Number of Sales        Median Sale Price
Jul 2012               3                                    $170,000
Jul 2011              10                                   $252,500
Jun 2012             10                                   $250,000
Jun 2011              8                                    $235,000
2012 YTD             48                                  $262,500
2011                      89                                  $230,000