Tahoe Donner Real Estate Sales Information – June

What’s happening in Tahoe Donner; inventory is extremely low and prices have moved higher!

Today June 7, 2013; there are only 70 single family homes available or for sale in Tahoe Donner, up from 49 as last reported. Although inventory has increased moderately, (which is expected for this time of year) this is an extremely low number of homes available.

Furthermore, all of the homes offered for sale are standard sales, none of the available properties are short sales and there are no REO’s, (Bank owned properties). This bodes well as further evidence that the vacation home market has moved to better health. Also, 36 single family homes are currently in escrow or pending sale. Moreover, of these 36 pending sales 7 are short sales pending bank approval. Pending sales range in price from $205,000 to $789,000. By the way, did you know that typically 65% of all homes sold in Tahoe Donner sell in the second half of the year, after June 30th!

Some perspective on Tahoe Donner market conditions: Tahoe Donner had a total of 270 single family homes close escrow in 2012 compared to 212 homes which close escrow in 2011, in 2010 there were 223 sales consummated, 2009 saw 225 homes close escrow, and in 2008 only 193 sales were consummated. Year to date final sale statistics is a parity to last year; 101 homes have closed escrow year to date compared to 106 final sales during the same period last year.

Home site sales see improvement, yea; there are 37 home sites currently available, 9 home sites are currently in escrow or pending sale. Also, in 2012 we had 34 home sites closed escrow, up from the 16 home sites which closed escrow in 2011 compared to 21 sales in 2010 and12 home sites which closed escrow in 2009. Currently, the pricing for available home sites run from a low of $65,000 to a high of $499,000. Of interest; pricing on the lots appear to have reached a bottom and seem to have stabilized.