September Tahoe Donner Sales Information and Statistics!

Today Setember 4, 2019; there are only 100 single family homes available or for sale in Tahoe Donner, up from 82 as last reported. For any time of year, this is an extremely low number of homes available. It’s not unusual, in previous years to have 170 or 180 homes for sale  this time of year! Furthermore, none of the available properties offered for sale is a short sales and there are no REO, (Bank owned property) being offered for sale. 

Also, 23 single family homes are currently in escrow or pending sale; which is down from 35 as last reported. Seem the market may have found it’s near term top! Moreover, of these 23 pending sales, there are no short sale pending bank approval and no banked owned property in escrow. The ratio between available properties and pending sales still looks good!  Pending sales range in price from $434,000 to $1,499,000.

Year to date; 159 single family homes have closed escrow so far this year in Tahoe Donner compared to 175 during the same period last year. Basically about a 10% drop in sales, hmm! Still a very decent market but may be topping out!

Looking back; 2018 turned out to be a good year for home sales in Tahoe Donner with 275 homes changing hands; a parity to 2017 when 278 homes were sold. 2016 was a reasonably good year for sales in Tahoe Donner with 264 single family homes changing hands. 2015 proved to be an average year as far as the total volume of sales in Tahoe Donner, with 239 homes changing hands. Tahoe Donner had a total of 206 single family homes close escrow in 2014, down from 273 single family homes which close escrow in 2013. Also, 270 homes close escrow in 2012, (a parity to 2013). In 2011 there were 212 sales consummated, in 2010 there were 223 sales consummated, 2009 saw 225 homes close escrow, in 2008 only 193 sales were consummated.

Looking forward; the economy is still humming along with a slight slowdown probable. Mortgage interest rates are amazingly attractive with the 30 year fixed below 4%%. We really have two selling seasons in Tahoe Donner, summer and the holiday ski season; If you’re considering selling, this is a great time as inventory is extremely low. 

Home site sale are dissapointing; currently there are 64 home sites available in Tahoe Donner, with  only 2 home sites currently in escrow or pending sale. We had 48 home sites change hands in 2018, up from 36 lots that sold in 2017. Moreover, 44 sales in 2016, in 2015 we had 37 home sites closed escrow, in 2014 we had 45 lots change hands, 2013 we had 44 home sites close escrow, up significantly from 2012 in which we had 34 home sites closed escrow and a major improvement from the 16 home sites which closed escrow in 2011. Currently, the pricing for available home sites run from a low of $49,000 to a high of $400,000.